Classic Enterprises offers Oil Burners, Gas Burners, Burner Spares, Burner Sequence Controllers, Flame Detectors, Flame Scanners Relays, Oil Burner Spray Nozzles, Burner Fuel Pump, Ignition Electrodes and Burner Filters.
Oil Burner Nozzles
Sequence Controllers
Flame Sensors
Ignition Transformers
Gas Solenoid Valves and Coils
Pressure Switches
Electro Hydraulic Actuators
Oil and Gas Filters
Burner Fuel Pump
Flame Scanners Relays
U.V. Cell , Ultra Violet Detectors
Burner Servo Motors, Air Damper Motors, Actuators
Ignition Electrodes & Ionisation Probe
Ignition Cables, Lugs , Cap
Combistats Temperature Measuring Instrument
Gas Valve Multiblocks & Gas Trains
Burner Motors and Blower Wheels
Burner Diffuser Plates and Blast Tubes
Oil Pump Coupling
Boiler Burner Spare Parts
Oil and Gas Burners
Thermax Boiler Spares
Danfoss Burner Components
SIEMENS Burner Control Box
RIELLO Burner Spares
WEISHAUPT Burner Spare Parts
BENTONE Burner Spares
ECOFLAME Burner Spares
LAMTEC Burner Management System
DUNGS Gas Combustion Control
KROMSCHRODER Combustion Control
Industrial Spray Nozzles
Industrial Pumps
New Items
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